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Force Control Industries Knows Concrete Block Plants

Designed and Manufactured the Original Oil Shear Clutch

concrete blockForce Control Industries designed and manufactured the oil shear clutch brakes for a major concrete block machine builder. These units have been running successfully on many machines for nearly 40 years worldwide.

The secret to the extremely long life in the hostile environment of a concrete plant is the heavy duty construction and the advanced Oil Shear Technology.

The original clutch brakes were used on the main drive and then the vibrators. Modifications were made for the block machines which today are standard products. Some of the early modifications were a spring centered neutral position for the vibrators, and a continuously running fan for superior cooling.

Force Control Industries later designed and manufactured the Posistop air actuated spring set motor brakes for many of the elevator and conveyor applications. The brake mounted on the back of a brakeless brake motor.

In a continuing quest to build better more efficient products the next to come was the MagnaShear electric release, spring set motor brakes. These worked extremely well and have been replacing the old mechanical brake in most plants. To make a better brake it was decided to design a double C Face MagnaShear motor brake so it could be mounted on the front of the motor enabling the use of a standard C Face motor rather than the special order brakeless brake motor. This enabled the same C Face motor to be used for those applications requiring a brake and those that do not.

Force Control continues to service the concrete block industry with a full line of clutch brakes and motor brakes as well as parts, and repairs.

Force Control Industries designs and manufactures the parts used in their clutches and brakes and does not have to rely on outside vendors assuring prompt delivery and consistent quality.


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