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Force Control Industries started building Oil Shear clutches
and brakes in 1969, and is still leading the field.

Celebrating Over 50 Years Made in the USA

Force Control Industries, Inc. is a family owned company started in 1959 in New Castle, Indiana designing and manufacturing large oil shear products selling under the name of Positorq and PowrCon. In the late 1960’s the company, through new ownership and financial support, began on a journey designing and manufacturing new oil shear clutch and brake products and received patents on the Posidyne® clutch brake

fcbuildingNew applications were serviced including the US Post Office, lumber, steel, concrete products, snow making machinery, manufacturing of appliances, glass, automotive, food processing and material handling. The development continues today with many improvements and upgrades, new products, and new industries.

Throughout this time the goal was always to provide the industry the best, most effective product available for the application. Today there are 1000’s of Force Control products around the world running production 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance cost and very little downtime.

Force Control manufactures all of its products at its headquarters in Fairfield, Ohio close to all major transportation. The campus consists of 4 buildings, with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. Ownership has been consistent in continually upgrading facilities and machinery for the most efficient manufacturing. Manufacturing and engineering work closely together to design products that can be most efficiently machined.

Force Control employees are a stable tight knit group with an average of over 15 years on the job. Everyone contributes to product improvement, safety, and customer service.

Our continuing goal is to provide industry with durable, performance-designed products to keep production running, with products;

"Built To Last - Guaranteed To Perform."


1959...Force Control, a division of New Castle Products, was founded in New Castle, Indiana in the year of 1959. The Oil Shear Principle was initially developed and used in clutch/brake, foot mounted brakes and large drive systems under the brand names of Positrol & Powr-Con. The primary customer were power plants, treatment plants and government applications.

1969...Corporate headquarters was moved to the present location in Fairfield, Ohio and was joined with Dixie Machine Company.

1970’s...Patented the Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch/Brake. Developed new clutch/brake products for the post office, fan/clutch for Transit Buses, clutch/brake for concrete equipment, snow making equipment, and manufacturing equipment for the appliance, glass, pulp & paper, packaging, wood products, and food processing industry.

1980’s...The Multi-Speed Drive, Two-Speed Drive, and High-Speed Reversing Drive was developed for mechanical indexing applications in the automotive industry. Also developed the Posistop motor brake for machine tool applications.

1990’s...Building product focus. Developed the Posiweave for the fence industry, shingle auto-catcher and blenders for the roofing industry, and CLPC closed loop-positioning controller for high-speed drive positioning applications.

1995...Developed the MagnaShear Electric Brake, MagnaShear Two Speed Drives, and E-Stop Brakes for automotive lift and transfer applications.

2000’s...Large product focus. Improved Dynamometer and energy absorber brakes. Increased size and horsepower handling capability by adding brakes for off shore and land based oil rigs and drawworks applications.

2003…Introduced the X-Class line of clutch brakes, motor brakes, and coupler brakes. While maintaining the low maintenance, long service life Force Control is famous for, it was valued engineered as a C-Face unit providing a competitive priced product for packaging, palletizing and other applications.

2008, 2009...Developed and launched the Quick Mount and Coupler MagnaShear Electric Brake line of products.

2010...Expanded Brake line of products to include Marine Duty products and additional hazardous duty products.

2011 Upgraded the Positorq dynamometer load brakes with the new by-pass piston design making major improvements in response and reduction of hysteresis.

2011 Developed the first engine mounted PTO for flood water pumps at a NASA facility. As these were in a remote location they were designed to be remotely started and operated.

2012 Developed the super 30 hydraulically actuated Posidyne clutch for dredging including speed pick-up, temperature RTD, and proportional regulator and valve.

2013 Developed a PTO clutch for a large compressor drive.

2014 Developed the MagnaShear motor brake for low temperature -30 degrees marine duty hoisting applications.

2017 Made improvements to the large TB85 Positorq dyno load brakes for higher speed capability with reduced residual drag.

2018 Developed the coaxial shaft (input and output shaft on the same end) Posidyne size 20 clutch.

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