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Force Control Industries adds specific purpose flyers on a regular basis. These will apply to certain applications, or product type. Check back often for new ideas.

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The new CPB Tire Curing Press brake

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Drawworks LCB Positorq Brake . Trip, Stop, Drill all with one brake. Positorq They Use FCII
Wood Products Applications for Force Control Clutches & Brakes. Palletizers Flyer
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MagnaShear Stock Brakemotors  Look Up. There are brakes on those cranes.
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Do you know the true cost of your clutch, brake or clutch/brake?

Sometimes the lowest up front cost does not tell the entire story.

Many factors enter into the true product cost such as service life, repair cost, spare parts cost, adjustment cost, downtime cost, reduced production or scrap.

Force Control Oil Shear products can help reduce or eliminate most of this additional cost. Download the True Cost Comparator

True Cost ComparisonHave you answered the following questions?

  • How long will the units last before adjustment, maintenance or replacement is required?
  • How many replacements must be purchased in a given period of time?
  • How much unit and spare parts inventory must be maintained?Posidyne05 Fan Cooled Input
  • How much maintenance is required to keep the unit operating properly?
  • Does it need to be adjusted on a regular basis?
  • What happens when it is out of adjustment – reduced production, below par or scrap parts, or downtime?
  • How many hours per month are required to keep the unit running properly?
  • How much downtime is caused by an out of adjustment, or failed unit?

Force Control oil shear products do not need to be adjusted – ever. Because the fluid film forms a boundary layer between the friction material and drive plates there is no Download a True Cost Comparison Calculatorcontact until the last final engagement. The fluid is put in shear while being squeezed between the two parts transmitting the torque. This fluid moves through the stack and out to housing taking the heat of engagement to the housing to be dissipated. Heat is the cause of most clutch or brake failures. The bottom line is virtually no wear over the life of the unit.

Because of the very low wear there is not enough material worn away to cause need for adjustment to maintain proper operating characteristics. The Force Control Oil Shear products are direct acting – there are no linkages, pins, and levers to corrode, break, or wear. Thus no adjustment is needed – ever.

Force Control Oil Shear products utilize transmission fluid to operate. Because the transmission fluid must be sealed in the unit, it means the internal parts of the unit (bearings, splines) are flooded with lubricating fluid assuring extra long life. This also means the operating parts are sealed from the environment of dust, dirt, moisture, and chemicals etc. which cause damage to most competitive products.

We would like to compare our overall cost to the competition. If you will fill in the True Cost Calculator we will provide a true total cost comparison for your information.

Sample True Cost To Own Comparison Report

sample true cost comparison

Force Control eCatalogs

A list of Force Control Catalogs, Brochures, and Manuals is available for download. Our main catalog is the APC 2011 which includes most of the standard products, engineering specifications, and dimensions. Keep in mind that Force Control manufactures many modified or custom drives that do not appear in this list, or any of the catalogs/brochures.  Give us a call – we may have made it for someone in the past.

The following Catalogs and Service Manuals are in pdf format and require Acrobat Reader Version 6.0 or higher. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you may download it below.

Get Acrobat Reader


Catalogs & Service Manuals

APC 2011 All Products Catalog
APC Catalog APC 2011 All Products Catalog
(This is a 40 mb pdf file and may take a long
time to download. Consider downloading
desired sections only under each product

APC 2011 Introduction
APC 2011 Catalog Table of Contents

Posidyne X Class Clutch Brake Brochure

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 1

Brochure and Service Manuals
X Class Posidyne Brochure
X Class Posidyne Installation Manual
502-X1-002-03 X Class Posidyne Service Manual
X Class Foot and Adapter Installation Manual

Posistop X Class Brake Brochure

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 1

Brochure and Service Manuals
X Class Posistop Brochure
X Class Posistop Installation Manual
502-XB1-001-02 X Class Posistop Service Manual
X Class Foot and Adapter Installation Manual

Posidyne 1.5 Clutch Brake Brochure

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 2

Service Manuals
Service Manual 01/1.5 (Original, Non Split Quill Input) 
Installation Manual 1/5 Split Quill Input
502-01/1.5-003-03 Service Manual 01/1.5 with Split Quill Input

Posidyne® Size 02 - 30 Clutch Brakes

Catalog Section 2

NEW Posidyne Brochure 0419

Service Manuals
502-02-001-02 Size 02 Posidyne Service Manual
502-2.5-001-03 Size 2.5 Posidyne Service Manual
Size 2.5 Blender Installation Manual
502-03/20-001-02 Size 03-20 Posidyne Service Manual
Size 02-30 Installation Manual
External Cooling System

Posistop® Motor Brakes

Catalog Section 4
New Posistop Brochure
Service Manuals
MB-056 Motor Brake
MB-056 Motor Brake Installation Manual
MB-180/210/210L Installation Manual
MB-210-494 Motor Brake
MB-250/280/320 Installation Manual

Posistop® Coupler Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 4

Service Manuals
Coupler Brake 056
Coupler Brake 056 Installation Manual
Coupler Brake 210/250/280/320
MagnaShear® Brakes

APC 2013 Catalog - Section 5

Quick Mount Style Brochure and Manuals

Latest MagnaShear Brochure 0419

MagnaShear® Quick Mount Brochure

Size MSB2, MSB4 & MSB6 Service Manual
Size MSB2 Installation Manual
Size MSB4 Installation Manual
Size MSB6 Installation Manual

Size MSB8, MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Service Manual
Size MSB8, MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Installation Manual

Collet Style Service Manuals
Size MSB2 Service ManualSize MSB3 - MSB8 Service ManualSize MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Service Manual

Quick Mount Style Brochure and Manual
MagnaShear® Quick Mount Brochure
Size MSB8, MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Quick Mount Service Manual
Size MSB8, MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Quick Mount Installation Manual

Collet Style Service Manual
Size MSB9, MSB10 & MSB12 Service Manual

Posistop Size 03 – 20 Foot Mounted Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 6

Posistop Special Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 7

Brochure and Service Manual
210 Shaft Mounted Posistop Brake Manual
210 Shaft Mounted Posistop Brake Installation Manual

Posistop Curing Press Brake

Posistop CPB Curing Press Flyer

Service Manual
Curing Press

E-Stop Brake Service Manual
APC Catalog - Section 8

Service Manual
Positorq® Tension & Dynamometer Absorber Brakes
APC 2011 Catalog - Section 9

Brochures and Service Manual Positorq® Brake
Positorq Dyno Brochure
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Service Manual
Forced Lube Cooling Unit
Valves & Accessories
Valves APC 2011 Catalog - Section 10

Service Manual
Controls CLPC Closed Loop Positioning Control
CLPC Controls APC 2011 Catalog - Section 11

Service Manual

Service Manual CLPC® II
CLPC Series II

Service Manual PosiWeave®
502-PW-001 PosiWeave With Magnetic Encoder
502-PW-002 PosiWeave With Optical Encoder
PosiDrive® Catalog
PosiDrive Servo Systems

APC Catalog - Section 12

Brochure and Service Manuals
PosiDrive®Servo System
PosiDrive®Multi-Drive Servo System
Servo PosiDrive® RS Series
Servo PosiDrive® RC Series
Servo PosiDrive® RD Series
Servo Auto Catcher Gearbox

Posidyne® PMD Packaged Machine Drives

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 13
PMD Brochure

Service Manual
PMD 2000 Insert

Posidyne® Dual Clutch Clutch/Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 13

Service Manuals
MultiSpeed/High Speed Reversing
MSDr Size 02
MSDr Size 2.5
TSDr Inline & C-Flow

Posidyne® Electro Hydraulic Clutch/Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 13

Service Manuals
Electro Hydraulic Size 02
Electro Hydraulic Size 2.5
Electro Hydraulic Size 03-20
Electro Hydraulic Size 30 Clutch

Two Speed Drives
Electric Two Speed Drives

APC 2011 Catalog - Section 13

Service Manual
Magna Shear Two Speed Drive 

AFC SmartPac
 image079 Brochure and Service Manual
AFC SmartPac Manual
AFC SmartPac Installation Manual
Application Services, Unit Selection and Engineering Information
Application Engineering Services
APC 2011 Catalog - Section 14

Unit Selection Procedures
APC 2011 Catalog - Section 15

General Engineering Information
APC 2011 Catalog - Section 16
Force Control Product Limited Warranty

True Cost to Own Comparison Calculator

Download the
True Cost to Own Comparison Calculator
Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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