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Force Control Clutches, Clutch Brakes, Brakes, Motor Brakes, Tension Brakes
and Dynamometer Load Brakes all Featuring Oil Shear Technology

Minimal Maintenance, No Adjustment-Ever! Reduce Maintenance Cost.

Force Control Clutches and Brakes are typically used where others fail. The severe duty capability make these products ideal for single line or high volume industrial applications where downtime is critical and maintenance cost and time is must be controlled. Utilizing Oil Shear technology these products are designed for maximum life expectancy - typically years, and sometimes decades longer than any competitive products, with little to no maintenance, and no adjustment – ever!

Unique cooling options such as fan cooling, water cooling, external heat exchanger cooling permit  using a very compact unit in high load applications where thermal energy dissipation is important.

Many of the products are air or hydraulically actuated for use within the plant or outside. Electrically actuated MagnaShear brakes are ideal for applications such as cranes, bulk material loading, conveying and sampling.

The totally enclosed housings eliminate issues due to dust, dirt, moisture, and salt spray.

Modifications are available for hazardous duty, washdown,  marine duty, high cycle,

Posidyne Clutch Brakes Featuring Oil Shear Technology Eliminate Constant Repair in High Cycle or Severe Duty Indexing Applications

Posidyne Clutch Brakes come in 3 model types;

  1. Posidyne foot mounted clutch brakes - with torque ratings from 500 Lb. Ins. to 79,000 Lb. Ins.
  2. Posidyne 1.5 C Face clutch brakes – Lightweight aluminum housing 460 Lb. Ins. static torque, and 3 HP.
  3. Posidyne X Class clutch brakes - Valued Engineered for maximum efficiency. Torque 100 Lb. Ins. to 500 Lb. Ins.

Posidyne Size 11 Fan Cooled


Posidyne Size 1.5

Posidyne X Class

Posidyne X Class


Posistop and MagnaShear Brakes Designed for Severe Duty Applications

Dynamic Stopping Brakes – Not Just Holding Brakes
Low Maintenance – No Adjustment – Ever!

Force Control Brakes come in 4 major Styles

  1. Posistop Foot Mounted Brakes with Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  2. Posistop Motor Brake - Air or Hydraulically Actuated - Motor Mounted
  3. Posistop X Class Brake – Air or Hydraulically Actuated – Motor Mounted or Double C Face
  4. MagnaShear Motor Brakes – Spring Set, Electrically Released - Motor Mounted or Double C Face

Posistop X2 input

MagnaShear Motor Brakes

Posistop Foot Mounted Brake

Posistop MB-320

X Class Posistop
Motor Brake
Motor Brake
Posistop Foot
Mounted Brake
Posistop Motor Brake


Positorq Tension and Dynamometer Load Brakes

Several styles of Positorq Brakes are available for various applications

  1. Positorq Steel Unwind Brake – Air or Hydraulic Actuation – Hollow Bore
  2. Positorq Paper Unwind – Flange Mounted - Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  3. Positorq Dynamometer Load Brake – Shaft Mounted - Air or Hydraulic Actuation – Low Speed – High Torque
  4. Positorq Large Winder Brake - Air or Hydraulic Actuation - Smooth Quiet Control

Unwind Tension Brake

Dynamometer Load Brake

Drawworks Winch

Forced Lube Cooling Unit

Unwind Tension Brake Dynamometer Load Brake Drawworks/Winch Brake Forced Lube Cooling Unit


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Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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