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Posistop X-Class Coupler Brakes

Eliminates the Need for Expensive, Hard To Find Brakeless Brake Motors
Ideal for Hazardous Duty Applications Utilizing Air Motors

Coupler brakes offer the advantage of placing the brake between the motor and gear reducer eliminating the need for a special expensive, hard to get motor with motor mounting flange and extended shaft. Use a commonly available C Face motor. The Posistop Coupler Brake works well in this arrangement because the brake is as reliable as the motor, and never needs adjustment.

The Posistop X Class Coupler brakes are often used for hazardous duty applications coupled up with air motors. Applications include hazardous locations in grain, sugar, marine, and oil and gas wells.

The Posistop® X Class Oil Shear Coupler Brakes are designed and tested to operate over 20 million trouble free cycles with only occasional oil changes and no adjustment - ever! This is a true dynamic stopping brake, not just a holding brake.

This unheard of life expectancy allows the Posistop® X Class Motor and Coupler Brakes to be used on applications previously thought impossible to do using a brake.

X Class Coupler Brake Cut A Way
X Class Coupler Brake Cut A Way

X Class Coupler Brake for Air motor
X Class Coupler Brake for Air motor

X Class Coupler Brake Quill End
X Class Coupler Brake Quill End

  • Spring set - Air/Hydraulic Release
  • Torque 4 to 300 Lb. Ft.
  • Up to 10 times longer service life
  • Designed for dynamic stopping
  • Packaged, fully assembled and tested
  • Simplified double C-face motor mounting
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Totally enclosed, sealed housing

*annual oil change recommended for maximum service life
  • Oil Shear Technology
  • No Maintenance* – No Adjustment – Ever!
  • Clamped-Split-Quill reduces keyway problems
  • Multiple friction discs - high thermal dissipation and low inertia
  • Hard-coat epoxy finish highly resistant to rust and chipping.
  • Clamped Split Quill - 360º shaft connection
  • Wash down and marine duty available

Mountings and Options

Mounting Configurations

The Posidyne® X Class clutch/brakes may be mounted in three configurations (horizontal, vertical input up and vertical input down) to allow the most flexibility in machine design.

Oil Shear Technology
Oil Shear Technology
Input Up
Oil Shear Technology
Input Down

Clamped-Split-Quill Shaft Connection System

Clamped Split Quill
Clamped Split Quill

An innovative Clamped-Split-Quill absolutely stops play that could deform the key and keyway in high-torque, rapid cycling applications. The new clamp design splits the input quill four ways at 90° intervals. A clamp collar fits over the quill to give 360° clamping effect when tightened down. The keyway is centered in one of the splits in the quill to securely lock the key on both sides.




To make the X Class Brakes adaptable to many applications, several accessories are available.

PosXClassAcc1Foot Mounting Kit

A Foot Mounting Kit is available for the Coupler Brake. The Foot Mounting Kit includes two feet that bolt onto the coupler brake. They are made of heavy gauge steel for the XB1 and XB2, or cast iron for the XB3 and XB4, and hard coat epoxy coated.

PosXClassAcc2Male Input Shaft Assembly

For applications where a belt drive may be required on the input, a male input shaft assembly is available to convert the quill input to an extended shaft. It consists of a mounting plate with a bearing and stainless steel shaft that bolts to the C-Face mounting flange. The shaft is then locked into the Split Clamped Quill.

PosXClassAcc3Manifold Mounted Valve

Add the convince and performance of a Manifold Mounted Valve. Mounting the valve directly on the unit eliminates extra plumbing, improves response time, increases cycle rate, and improves positioning accuracy. A Manifold Mounted Valve with adapter is available from Force Control Industries, Inc. for use on all units.


Washdown and Marine Duty Options

Food Grade

All units an be furnished with food grade fluid USDA-H2 for applications where standard fluid may be objectionable. This could be in food processing, or around water.


This option is designed for use in food processing, or pharmaceuticals where high pressurWashdownMarineDutye caustic solutions are used for cleaning. Included are nickel plates shafts, stainless steel hardware, Steel-It Epoxy finish, none metallic breathers and food grade fluid.

Marine Duty

Similar to washdown this option is for use on boats, barges offshore rigs, or waterfront loading facilities and ports exposed to fresh or salt water.

All of the items  included in the washdown option are included as well as bio degradable fluid.

Value Engineered for the Highest Performance at Lowest Cost per Cycle

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Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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