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Force Control Industries Offers Marine Duty Options

For Shipboard, Portside, Salt Water, and Fresh Water

Force Control Posidyne Clutch Brakes, Posistop and Positorq Brakes, and MagnaShear Brakes can all be modified for marine duty applications. This means they can be used for salt water applications on board ship for deck winches, cranes, anchor winches, and brake applications on offshore oil rigs. Other applications include fresh water deck and barge winches.

Another place would be port side especially loading and unloading facilities for coal, wood, minerals, grain, and others.

MagnaShear EBM8AssembHigh grade castings, marine duty coatings, stainless steel fasteners and accessories make these brakes the ideal solution for onshore and offshore marine applications. Their varied ship-board and in-port applications include use on anchor winches, mooring winches, drawworks, capstans, conveyors, hoists, loaders and un-loaders, and more.

Why are Force Control clutches and brake ideal for Marine Duty applications? To start all clutches and brake feature our unique Oil Shear Technology. This offers numerous advantages. The housings are heavy duty and are totally sealed to keep the transmission fluid in-and of course it keeps water out. The Oil Shear Technology provides 5 to 10 times longer life than dry friction brakes and requires no adjustment or changing friction materials over the life of the unit - a great cost savings and improved safety. The transmission fluid lubricates the internal workings of the clutch or brake eliminating corrosion, rust, binding, sticking, and total brake failure.

Outside of the Posidyne clutch brakes, Posistop and Positorq brakes and MagnaShear brakes steps are taken to resist the environmental impact of constant moisture from fresh or salt water. The heavy cast housings will never rust through but for additional protection Steel-It epoxy coating is applied. Posidyne EH30 MarineDuty2In addition stainless steel fasteners and shaft collar, nickel plated shafts, and non-corrosive breather and sight gauges are used. Bio-degradable fluid is also used for marine applications so any spill becomes a non-issue.

Eliminating the affects of the hostile marine environment, eliminating regular maintenance and adjustment, and extending the service life over 5 to 10 times provides the Force Control clutches and brake a tremendous cost savings as well as reduced safety concerns.

On some applications Hazardous Duty products are required. Many of the Force Control Industries products can be furnished approved for hazardous duty and marine duty.

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Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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