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Force Control Industries Engineering

Designing new products, modifying standard product

The Engineering Department — the heart of Force Control Industries — have been designing and redesigning Oil Shear clutch and brake products since 1969. Many items have become standard products while other are one of a kind. To support our customers’ needs many products are modified to fit the particular application perfectly. This may be retrofits for hard to get, inferior quality, imported products, or to fit space and load conditions.

Many custom drive packages are designed utilizing standard product, but building it into a mounting frame, adding belt, chain, motor, or gear drives. This can provide the customer a complete package eliminating mounting and alignment of individual components.

Many custom applications require modified or new product as Force Control is continually entering new markets that require different product. Today we are designing and building many Dynamometer load brakes. Each one has its own unique characteristics requiring different mounting arrangements and torque and horsepower levels.

A Few Custom Drives

eng1 eng2 eng3 eng5

Size 05 Posidyne clutch brake with encoder, motor, manifold mounted valve, accumulators on adjustable mounting base.

TB-83 Positorq Dynamometer load brake with trunnion mount and double torque arm.

Size 2.5 Posidyne flange mounted with input and output on the same end.

Positorq brake with torque arm, load cell and mounting base

eng4 eng7 eng6

Small, high cycle (150 CPM) size 1.5 Posidyne diverter drive package with motor, custom designed gear reducer, manifold mounted valve.

Size 20 Posidyne clutch brake with integral planetary gear reducer for high cycle high load applications.

2000 THP Forced Lube Cooling Unit with Oil to Air heat exchangers for drawworks application.

eng8 eng9 eng10

Special Posistop MB 440 couples brake designed to fit a large servo motor.

A complete drive package using a Posidyne multi speed drive with motor and gear reducer mounted on a base plate.

A special two speed drive with flange mounting motor and belt drives.

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Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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