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Parts and Repairs

pr1Force Control products are designed for operate for many years without repair. As with any product however, even Force Control products with Oil Shear Technology will reach the end of its useful life. At that point there are two options – repair it, or return it for factory rebuild.

All Force Control products are rebuildable and parts are available as pieces or rebuild kits. Due to the long service life and balanced design of the

products it is unusual to replace just a bearing, friction disc, or seal. pr2By the time any of these items fail (during normal circumstances)


there are probably other parts that are reaching their normal life. If changing the friction discs after 40 million cycles is required it would not make sense to leave the old bearings or seals in place. The cost of downtime and time to remove and re-install the unit is far too expensive to not do a complete rebuild.

Should I Repair or Get a Factory Rebuild?

Although rebuilding most of the Force Control Posidyne clutch brakes, Posistop brakes, MagnaShear brakes, or Positorq tension and dynamometer load brakes is not rocket science, it can be intimating if not done frequently, and may require some special tools. Therefore it may be wise to return the unit to Force Control for a professional rebuild with like a new warranty.

pr4Steps to purchasing the correct parts

It is important that you find the model number and serial number of the unit to be repaired. This information should be on the information tag put on every unit shipped.

Some background: Force Control assigns a different serial number for every unit manufactured. With this information the original records and drawings can be pulled to verify what parts were in the original unit. If you do not have the serial number inside sales personnel can usually figure out what it is based on model, photos, application, equipment etc.

pr5Many of the units have parts kits that include the most common items required for rebuild. For maximum life after repair use all of the parts included. The only time only a couple parts make sense is if there is a very early failure such as seal damage etc. due to some kind of outside damage. Additional single parts such as shafts can be purchased if required.

Service and rebuild manuals are available by calling our sales and service personnel or download most of the standard manuals from our website at www.forcecontrol.com/downloads/ecatalogs.

Factory Rebuild:

Force Control offers a simple factory service program. Most of the standard Posidyne clutch brakes, Posistop and MagnaShear brakes, and Positorq tension and dynamometer load brakes have specific pricing for a standard rebuild allowing the customer to know upfront what the cost would be compared to a new unit. You can provide the information and get a price before you send the unit in. Most rebuild costs are in the range of 50% to 60% of a new unit.

5 Top Reasons Why You Would Want to Have a Factory Rebuild

Reason 1: Rebuild verses Repair

When a Posidyne has broken down, there are two approaches to fixing it. The first is to simply repair the broken component and get it back running as quickly and as cheaply as possible. More often than not, the visibly damaged part isn’t the only problem and shortly the Posidyne will be back for another repair.

Our “JUST LIKE NEW” Factory Rebuild Service takes the second approach - rebuild the entire Posidyne using quality OEM parts to insure maximum life and reliability. Doing the job right takes a little more time and costs a little bit more - but it is worth it in the long run.

pr6Reason 2: Inspect... Inspect... Inspect...

The first step of Force Control’s repair process is the complete disassembly of the brake.  This step allows our technicians to inspect each piece and identify the source of the failure.  With the information gained from careful disassembly Force Control can tell you what went wrong with your brake and how to prevent another failure in the future.

Inspection is more than finding the broken part. Our inspection process is looking for three things: what is broken, what is the root cause of the failure and are there worn parts that aren’t broken but still need to be replaced.

Othepr7r repair groups can only inspect for what is broken. They won’t have the experience to identify the source of the failure such as overhung load, improper belt tension, misalignment, electrolysis, or misapplication. And they don’t have the engineering specification and support to determine: whether a shaft is worn and needs replacement; how much spline wear is acceptable before replacing it; if the bearing bores or piston surface can be turned down or if it needs to be replaced; what is the correct surface finish for proper sealing?

Reason 3: Experience and Dedication

pr8Rebuilding a Posidyne doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But it isn’t as easy as tinker toys either. A good mechanic with the right instruction, tools and time can rebuild a “normal” unit.

Problems occur when the mechanic isn’t trained, they are rushed, they don’t read the repair manual, or the unit isn’t “normal”. In many shops, the mechanic is working on motors one day, gearboxes the next and occasionally works on a Posidyne. Even if they were trained, do they remember the subtleties and nuances of repairing a Posidyne?

Our Service personnel have 30 years of experience dedicated to rebuilding Force Control Oil Shear products.

Reason 4: Parts and Tools

It takes an intense bath to thoroughly clean years of use from your old units. Force Control steam cleans each part to clear away built up dirt and grime. This unique cleaning process allows technicians to find cracks in bearing housings or marred surfaces and replace or fix them. If the unit is not thoroughly cleaned these problems are easily missed making the unit susceptible to leaks and premature failure.  Lastly, every part is inspected against to the original design drawing. If a component does not meet current specifications it will be replaced.   

pr9After a power wash these components look and work like new. After your components have been thoroughly washed and inspected. Force Control’s skilled technicians rebuild the clutch or brake using the same standards as new units. The latest upgrades and improvements will be added and all rotating parts are replaced. Force Control replaces all components with genuine OEM parts providing the best quality rebuild. Our crew makes certain the reassembly process is done carefully and completely. Force Control cuts no corners giving you outstanding products and service. 

Why jeopardize performance? Always use Genuine OEM Parts. Through the years, people have tried to make their own parts and gaskets; people have tried to weld broken housings or shafts; people have tried to re-use old parts – pr10the result is short life and another repair. We will always replace all the bearings, oil seals, O-rings, friction discs, drive plates, Teflon liners, oil sight gauge, breather and gaskets.

Equally important is having the right tools for the job. We know a lot of people don’t replace the bearings, not because of the costs but because they don’t have the right tools to remove and install the bearings. We have manufactured special tools to install bearings, oil seals, mating rings, wear sleeves and other components.

Reason 5: Testing

pr11To ensure our quality, 100% of our new and rebuilt Posidyne Clutch/Brakes are tested on custom built test stands. During our testing, we are checking: clutch torque, brake torque, air pressure leak down, shaft run-out, shaft end-play, piston travel, bearing performance, oil seals and temperature.

Other repair groups do not know how to properly check the repair. If you are lucky, they may hook it up to a motor for a couple hours. But do they engage and disengage it throughout the testing? Do they check the torque levels? Do they even know the specs for run-out, end-play, or piston travel? Or is their testing really done when you install it on your production line?

And we guarantee it...

100% Customer Satisfaction. Nothing else will do... We do not have to “make it work”. We know it will work like new because: we designed it, we manufactured the parts, we build hundreds of them just like it each year, and we test them prior to shipping. And we guarantee it. All “JUST LIKE NEW” Factory Rebuilt products come with a full twelve month warranty - just like a new Posidyne at a substantial cost savings. 

Emergency Repair Service (ERS)

For some common clutch brakes we offer an emergency repair service. This service utilizes in stock clutch brakes in a crate ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

In today’s competitive market, time is money.  When a critical piece of equipment breaks down and production stops, it is a true emergency.  Compounding the problem, maintenance budgets are so tight many plants don’t have spares available for these emergencies.

To help put out these “fires”, Force Control Industries now offers an Emergency Response Service (ERS) for our most popular Posidyne clutch/brakes.

How it works:

Force Control has Staged Units:

To help speed delivery, we are strategically locating “Just Like New” Factory Rebuilt Posidyne Clutch Brakes in warehouses around the United States.

pr12When an Emergency Happens:

Call our Inside Sales department with the Model Number and Serial Number of the Posidyne that you have in service.  We will confirm whether an ERS Posidyne is available.  If so, we will dispatch the ERS Posidyne to your site and issue an RGA Number to return your old Posidyne.

When the ERS Posidyne Arrives:

Your ERS Posidyne should be delivered within 2-3 days (overnight or same day delivery may be possible).  When it arrives, remove your existing Posidyne and install the ERS Posidyne.  But keep the shipping crate to return the old Posidyne.

Returning your Posidyne:

Your ERS Posidyne was delivered in a returnable crate.  Please re-package your old Posidyne in this crate and return it per the instructions included in the case.  It is important to return all of the accessories (Fans, Guards, etc).  If you need assistant arranging freight pickup, please call our inside sales department.  Use the RGA emailed to you as the shipping label. 

If your old Posidyne isn’t returned within 10 days, you will be charged for a new unit.  So please return it quickly so we can repair it and stage it for the next customer.  If you are delayed in installing the ERS Posidyne, please call our Inside Sales Department for more time.

What if we don’t offer ERS:

Unfortunately, we can’t offer the ERS service on every model we make.  However, we do offer Expedited Repair Service (both 24 hours and 1 week) on a larger selection of products based on availability of parts and personnel.

Force Control Industries appreciates your business and understands that you purchased our products to get the most production from your lines. We will do our utmost best to get the products in for repair back to you as quickly as possible, and in first class condition.

If you have any concerns or questions be sure to contact anyone here at Force Control Industries. We will do what we can to satisfy.

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